The band that feigns masturbation together, stays together
  • The band that feigns masturbation together, stays together

It might not be the ideal band name but The We Shared Milk have definitely created an ideal sound. This pair of Alaskan transplants—damn Last Frontierians, always coming to Portland and taking bands from hardworking native Oregonians—features Eric Ambrosius (the world's greatest drummer from World's Greatest Ghost) and Portugal. The Man's soundman Boone Howard.

The We Shared Milk's latest release is a hand-assembled EP entitled Jesuses, seven concise songs that clock-in just under 20 minutes. Much like their local peers in Archers—or for the sake of a global comparison, Yuck—TWSM concoct tidy rock numbers that are alarmingly simple, yet have a significant amount of staying power. If your iTunes has grown stale and is in need of some revitalizing sounds, download Jesuses (for free!) right here.


The We Shared Milk - "Drag"

The We Shared Milk will be at Ella Street Social Club on July 14 and at Tonic Lounge on July 19.