Yay! Yeasayer!
  • Jason Nocito
  • Yay! Yeasayer!

Yeasayer first gained popularity when bloggers Tumblred over themselves to anoint All Hour Cymbals as the definitive album of 2007. The New York trio is back with Odd Blood, and will be at the Wonder Ballroom this Thursday, May 27, along with Smith Westerns and Hush Hush.

That sure sounds like a delightful evening, how about we give you some tickets?

Just email me with "I Would Like Some Yeasayer Tickets" in the subject line and I'll randomly select a lucky winner for two tickets to the show. You have until Thursday (that's tomorrow) at 9am. Good luck.

If you don't like sending emails to people you don't know—STRANGER DANGER!—then just buy your tickets right here.