This is not their logo, its just the number eleven.
  • This is not their logo, it's just the number eleven.

There is a new publication joining the highly lucrative and totally-not-irrelevant world of local print journalism, Eleven PDX. My fingers hurt from counting all this money I make, so take it away press release:

Portland, Ore. — Eleven West Media Group announced toady that the premiere issue of the new music journal Eleven Magazine PDX will be distributed to over 150 metro Portland outlets spanning 15 zip codes, including music venues, record stores, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, retailers, art galleries and college campuses on June 3, 2011. Free for readers, the magazine will be published monthly and seeks to provide entertainment, knowledge and resources especially for music enthusiasts in the city of Portland.

In addition to offering exclusive interviews with nationally recognized bands such as June's cover feature, The Flaming Lips, the publication emphasizes community content. Each issue, four local bands are featured in the article "PDX Paragons."

I would much rather prefer a "PDX Octagon" where four local bands enter, but only one survives. (Don't steal my idea, Eleven PDX!) It remains to be seen if the magazine sticks around—or becomes our new Music Spectator—but clearly they have found a cultural void that demands coverage...

"Portland has the most eclectic, vibrant and blossoming music scene in the world, but there isn't a specific source for information," says Dornfeld.