Hey, patriots; welcome back to the week. You should put your day on hold for just a few minutes and watch this gorgeous video of Laura Gibson performing at The Rock Shop in Brooklyn last week.

Now, allow me to share just a bit of gossip that's been circulating in regards to a new album from Ms. Gibson (!). Surely, you are busy burping up yesterday's High Life and refuting the very existence of the hot dog, so I will be brief. You will find confirmed information, organized in tidy bullet points, just after the jump;

-The new record is named for a town in Eastern Oregon—though, not Pendleton, which is Laura's favorite town in Eastern Oregon. Perhaps it is named Halfway? Or Paradise? We will just have to see.

-There is some visible excitement from the Gibson camp surrounding new US label support: mostly sly smiles, which give way to quiet yips of joy. There have been no actual words uttered yet.

-The album features vocal and instrumental contributions from Calexico's Joey Burns and members of the Dodos and the Decemberists, as well as the Bossa Nova/Samba-inspired drumming style of the two-headed percussion monster, Blumberger (comprised of M. Ward's Rachel Blumberg and Musee Mecanique's Matt Berger).

-There will be fuzz bass and guitar feedback on this record.

-Also, Gibson was spotted canoodling with Matthew McConaughey at Powell's recently; the two were sipping from the same espresso cup and taking turns reading Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree aloud to each other.

Just kidding about that last one. However, Gibson will be playing a show at the Aladdin Theater on June 17th with a new backing band, and will likely be testing out some fresh material; it would be a joke for you to miss it.