My first experience watching Papi Fimbres play was two years a go at a sweaty, packed-out show at the Mudai Lounge. I remember looking around and noticing nobody was even sipping on their drinks. Instead, the crowd was bouncing up and down gleefully with their full-attention on the man jumping out of his drum seat chanting "O BRUXO!" O Bruxo has since gone on an indefinite hiatus, but the man behind the drums continues to make music with over a dozen other local acts.

END HITS: I know that O Bruxo was on break for a while but they recently played a reunion show at Holocene for the PDX Pop Now! release. Any plans for the future of that band?
FIMBRES: O Bruxo drifts with space and time, and we never know where we're going to be. It's an incredible band to be in, and that itself is enough for me.

What's going on with your solo project paper/upper/cuts? Looks like you have a new record coming out.
paper/upper/cuts is FINALLY releasing our second anticipated album, Illa Killa Yellow Space on Thursday, July 28th at Mississippi Studios (with 1939 Ensemble & YeahGreatFine). Free show! It's a limited run of 300 solid bright yellow vinyl, with a free download. I am so super-duper psyched for this.

You also play in a couple of other bands. Who are you playing with now and how is the music different from what you've done before?
Oof! So many other bands. I think last time I checked, it was 13 (!). Just to name a few: Sun Angle, ioa, Pluvial, Humans & the Light, GALLONS, Yikes Mountain, Gwumpy Dwagons, Cape Kiwanda, Glass Knees, VPDP...etc. I really try to bring a different aspect and understanding of where we stand to every band that i join.

Do any of those projects have releases coming up?
ioa is releasing our debut vinyl this fall. Sun Angle is also releasing an album that was recorded in one solid day at Miracle Lake with Skylar Norwood. Pluvial is releasing our LP this summer.

Your live performance communicates positivity and engages the audience. What is your attitude towards playing live?
Playing live is absolutely everything to me. I've had a few shows where there was so much energy from the entire room, that i saw myself playing drums from above. Kind of like a out of body experience. It was amazing, then I instantly was pulled back into my body... crazy!

Any local acts you're excited about right now?
I love going out to shows with homies and biking all around town to obscure spots for any given show. So many rad bands in this town, can't seem to keep track of 'em all!

What kind of music are you into? Has anyone made a particular impression on you?
As of late, I've been really getting down with '60s-'70s Malian, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coastal shit that just cracks my brain in half, inserts all these wicked rhythms, and pastes itself back together for me to fully understand. Also, growing up listening to Cumbias, Norteños, Tejanos and all that other awesome Latino music really put something into my brown brain. Thanks Mom & Popz!

Care to share any early musical memories?
Man, growing up extremely poor in East Los Angeles, I had limited options of who or what exactly I wanted to do with my life. My Momz found a recreation center where they taught me piano for free. After that, I started picking up drums, flute and anything else that was lying around the band room at school.

Any other hobbies that you're into right now?
Other hobbies include enjoying life & eternal energy with homies all over the world; camping, biking to the bluffs, playing music and just straight up being fresh!