It sounds like Spinal Tap but it's true: as a part of their contract, Van Halen required a bowl of M&M's backstage with all the brown ones picked out. The band's rider also garunteed there would be Schlitz and a large tube of KY.

For years the fine folks at The Smoking Gun have been piling up similar ridiculous requests, ranging from from Aerosmith's faux shamanic delusion in asking for "V.I.P. Guest Room" decorated in an "East Indian Style" to Jay-Z's need for a black, late-model Maybach for while he's in town.

Presumably the Foo Fighters have thumbed through the trove of the Smoking Gun's riders, as they've come out with a real-life parody (but not one of themselves or as a rock band). Styled as a coloring book, the Foo's rider is a thoughtfully-designed piece of art & commentary. Check it out the whole thing at The SmokingGun.com.