Here's the new Alela Diane & Wild Divine video, from Diane & Co.'s latest, self-titled record. Shot in London, Diane tells the story of a girl who's "lookin' like it's 1995"—played by Diane herself in a sequined top, wandering the streets of Soho. From Spinner:
"The song is about a woman I know who shall remain anonymous ... It's not about me," the singer tells Spinner. "We shot the video in the Soho area of London. The close-up shots were filmed on a rooftop three roofs down from where Elton John allegedly wrote 'Your Song.'"

For the bar scenes, Diane didn't opt for having iced tea stand in for booze. "I rarely drink whiskey, but I drank a little for the bar scene," she says. "I passed off what I couldn't handle to my husband, Tom."

Alela Diane & Wild Divine perform at Edgefield on July 24, opening for Fleet Foxes, and also on September 10 at the Crystal Ballroom as part of MusicfestNW.

via Spinner