After the incredibly impressive Apple's Acre made a splash in 2009, intrepid Portland sound explorers Nurses holed up in a seaside cabin on the coast to make the followup. And we've got some details on that followup for you right now: It's called Dracula, and it will be out September 20 on the Dead Oceans label. The three Nurses—pictured above, sans familiar facial hair, it's just like KISS without the makeup!—didn't fall into specific band roles of guitarist, drummer, etc., but rather all collaborated as musicians and producers, although Chapman's familiar high tenor leads the way on this tantalizing new track.


Nurses - "Fever Dreams"

There's a noticeable shift to a slightly heavier sound with more gravity to it; Apple's Acre felt almost like wisps of clouds where "Fever Dreams" is something you can really wrap your fingers around. That's intentional, according to Aaron Chapman (via the press release):

"Apple's Acre was more rooted in the fantastical, intangible, surreal. After making that record we became way more interested in the more physical aspects of life - solid, real things. Mainly the human form. Dancing and playing basketball. Beats. How rhythm speaks to the body. Dracula feels like it has more of a physical presence to us."
After their coastal sojourn, the record was completed in Seattle with producer Scott Colburn.

Dracula Tracklisting:
Fever Dreams
You Lookin' Twice
Extra Fast
Through the Window
So Sweet
Trying to Reach You
New Feelings
Wouldn't Tell
Dancing Grass
Gold Jordan
Eternal Thrills