For an upcoming feature on Group Doueh's show at Mississippi Studios next Thursday, I interviewed Sublime Frequencies co-owner Hisham Mayet. It was a great conversation and I'll post it next week. Aside from psyching me out even more for the show, I learned a lot about Mayet and his taste-making world-music label.

First of all, when he's not on the road—that's about four or five months a year—Mayet calls Portland home.

Second, Sublime Frequencies began as a field-recording project with an emphasis on video. Alongside audio, Mayet and co-owner Alan Bishop have been gathering loads of footage on all their travels. As such, film is a integral component to the label. They do everything from feature-length travel and music documentaries to performance pieces. Alongside their small-run LP printings Sublime Frequencies have released 11 DVDs.

In fact, it was a well-received screening in Seattle back in 2002 that spurred the label's creation. Sure would love to see them throw some film-related events here in Grumptown...

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. The piece and interview will be out next Thursday, just in time for the show. Get tickets here.