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People of the internet, I am not messing around here: Fucked Up's David Comes To Life is one of the best albums of 2011. With roots in hardcore (and an odd appreciate for emo crunk), the Toronto band has always had a reputation for being an impassioned live act, but up until now their recordings have never quite lived up to their presence onstage. Released by Matador Records, David Comes To Life is an absolutely epic conceptual musical (!) that is as inspiring and unique as it is dense and challenging. It's sort of the anti-American Idiot. But better. So much better.


Fucked Up - "Queen of Hearts"

Of course, you need to see them live to fully appreciate the band. Good thing I have an extra pair of tickets to see Fucked Up this Saturday night at the Hawthorne Theatre. Just email me before 4pm today with "Fucked Up" in the subject line and I'll pick a lucky winner at random.

Don't like email? That's cool, buy your tickets here.