The last show I saw at the House of Preblon was marvelously gnarled. I remember it was clear, and ice-fucking cold. Dead of winter. The bodies spilled out into the street well before the headlining Mean Jeans would go on. Inside it was shoulder to shoulder—sweat, sweaty and rank. I found an Op Ivy pin on the stairs.

When the Jeans went on the place erupted. The pit lurched back and forth across the bad construction. Everyone was spitting and slinging beer. Someone crashed into a window, nearly falling two stories to the alley below. Glass shattered on the sidewalk. Outside on the steep street the skateboarder was unfazed. He kept taking runs at the sketchy quarter-pipe. It was mayhem. Good, honest mayhem.

Now the hosts, along with their buds at Gnar Tapes, are ready for full day of it.

And we must give credit where credit is due: kudos to the folks at City Hall, who sanctioned the day-long shred down. Indeed, this one's legal. The street will be closed. Block party. Shit... maybe it's time to turn that quarter-pipe into a launch ramp... nice long run up... perhaps someone can rocket over the taco cart...

For the festivities, which begin Saturday at 3PM and run all day, the boys of Preblon and Gnar have assembled a fine lineup:

Adrian Orange
White Fang
Grrrl Friend (record release)
Unnatural Helpers (ex The Dutchess and the Duke/Sub Pop Recs)
Ghost Mom (members of Bikini Kill/Dub Narcotic Sound System)

SATURDAY: Preblon & Gnar Tapes Block Party: 420 SE 10th @ Stark - 3PM-on