• Ben Moon

For a band that instantly graduated from modest bicycle tours to headline shows the world over, Blind Pilot has lived a pretty charmed existence. Yet when it came time for the follow-up to their debut 3 Rounds and a Sound the band struggled writing new material. Recording sessions were started, then scrapped, and the band seemed restless to keep the momentum going, since a lengthy delay between recordings can be the death of a still-up-and-coming band. After some time—including a lengthy stint holed up in Astoria—Blind Pilot has emerged with their sophomore recording, We Are the Tide.

The album will be out on September 13 and "Keep You Right" is the initial single (although the title track is far superior, in my humble opinion). The band has a pair of local dates on the horizon, a MusicFest NW slot at the Crystal Ballroom on September 10 and an in-store at Music Millennium on September 13.


Blind Pilot - "Keep You Right"