Because Sam Coomes wasn't busy enough as it is, the Quasi frontman has now launched a new project entitled Crock. Clearly a fan of power duos, Coomes is joined by his camping buddy Spencer Seim (from Hella) and Crock's debut recording Grok (Is that a Stranger in a Strange Land reference? Nerds.) is set for release on September 27 via Jackpot Records.

On the album's opening number "No More Dumb Fun," Coomes muffled howl is swallowed whole by a sludgy guitar line, and this collaboration really does appear to be equal parts Hella and Quasi. Come to think of it, Hella Quasi is a way better name than Crock. Or just change the name to Croc. Even Sam Coomes can't resist the comfort of foam clogs.


Crock - "No More Dumb Fun"