Listening to Benoit Pioulard's dreamy, layered pop songs can often feel like the sonic analog to flipping through an album of old Polaroids. While his hushed vocals can be incomprehensible, they become equal parts of his compositions as they fall back into the mix. Pioulard's music then takes on a romantic ambiguous quality that is best for filling the interstitial spaces of memories. His dense, textured songs are visual, even cinematic.

So it's appropriate Pioulard remixed this track by Vieo Abiungo (real name: William Ryan Fritch) who composes cinematic music of a more acoustic bent. Abiungo has composed film scores and released a full-length record on Sufjan Steven's Asthmathic Kitty label. On "Drowsy Salted Morning" Pioulard fuzzies Abiungo's original piece, adds vocals and a simple psychedelic guitar figure.

This track from Pioulard is part of a remix album that is accompanying the release of Vieo Abiungo's And The World Is Still Yawning. Both albums will be released on August 30th via Lost Tribe Sound. Listen to both Pioulard's remix and the original song below.

Vieo Abiungo - Drowsy Salted Morning (Benoît Pioulard Remix) by Lost Tribe Sound
Vieo Abiungo - Drowsy Salted Morning by Lost Tribe Sound