Recently we were debating the relevance of a reunited Jon Spencer Blues Explosion—the band will be at the Wonder Ballroom on August 18—and how their recent reformation hasn't garnered the fawning praise of another seminal '90s indie act that is headed this way in the coming weeks. Truth is, JSBX were always a polarizing act, one that elicited its fair share of commentary, both positive (in a land of slack-shouldered mumbling frontman, Spencer was king) and negative (they sound like Blues Hammer).

Yet no matter where you side on the band, it was hard to deny how incredible they could be while onstage. In case you doubt me, please watch this absolutely ridiculous performance of "2 Kindsa Love" and "Flavor" from Australia's teen/music show Recovery. It makes Odd Future's set on Fallon look quaint and well-behaved.