Why yes, I am a professional photographer.
  • Why yes, I am a professional photographer.

Adele was utterly charming at her sold-out concert at Edgefield last night. She was laughing and cursing and bemoaning boys who broke her heart and being self-deprecating about her dancing skills (she apparently has none), declaring the concert her favorite ever. She was having a blast, promising hugs and dates after the show and dishing about her trip to Voodoo Doughnut. In short, she was being a very young 23-year-old—albeit one with golden pipes and more golden ducats than she knows what to do with. She took the stage after a performance from legend Wanda Jackson that totally confirmed Ned's assessment that she's the nicest lady on the planet. Dressed in a very snazzy pink fringed jacket, studded with rhinestones, Jackson's voice sounded as great as ever as she covered Elvis Presley and Amy Winehouse songs, then finally sealed the deal with her signature "Fujiyama Mama." She also talked for a spell about Winehouse and God—but mostly she just sounded fantastic.

Before we get to my Adele review, let's check in with the Mercury's pre-teen concert correspondent, Kayla, age 11:

I liked "Rolling in the Deep" and "Chasing Pavements" and "Rumor Has It." It was funny when Adele laughed in the middle of her songs. A lot of people wouldn't do that—they wouldn't think it was professional. My dad didn't think that she was going to give out free hugs. When we left, there was all this screaming and my dad said I think she was giving out hugs because she said that she would. She liked the bacon doughnut [at Voodoo Doughnut]. I personally tried it and I didn't really like it, but that's just my opinion.

Now a 36-year-old's take...

P.S. Excuse my poor excuse for photography. My professional photographer was occupied with other pursuits.

Why yes, I am pretty good at this point-and-click thing.
  • Why yes, I am pretty good at this point-and-click thing.


With a burnt orange backdrop and a set decorated with granny-parlor style lampshades, Adele came out to screams from her fans, people who ran the gambit from late middle-aged ladies to gay dudes with Babybjörns to sign-wielding fresh-faced pre-teens. Her set was great, focusing more on her slow-burning catalog with an occasional delving into some fast numbers from her new album 21, while she perched on a high stool mid-stage and two back-up singers danced to her left. She ran through most of her songs from 21, with some from her debut, 19, sprinkled in the mix, closing out the night with "Rolling in the Deep." She also did a cover of a SteelDrivers song and her cover of the Cure's "Lovesong" from 21, which she prefaced with a story about how the Cure is her mum's favorite band and she went to one of their concerts at the wee age of three. Umm, as a 36-year-old concert correspondent, this news made me feel very old. Overall, she was vivacious and charismatic, with the best voice I've ever heard. It wasn't the sort of concert that makes your feet all itchy to dance, but man, I think she's going to be a Cure-esque source of inspirational stories for all those 11-year-olds at Edgefield last night.

The inimitable Wanda Jackson: not as blurry in real life.
  • The inimitable Wanda Jackson: not as blurry in real life.