Don't believe Google! Cyclotron is not just a death metal band from Germany. They're garage glam from Portland. And they're playing at East End tonight.

Featuring members of the Nice Boys and former Hunches singer Hart Gledhill, the group is sort of rag tag. As you see in the photo above, Gledhill is missing (Update: Whoops. That's not Cyclotron in the photo. My fault. All those damn glam haircuts look the same to me.) I get the feeling Cyclotron don't practice all that much. They've nothing recorded, or at least made none of it available online. The band pops up every so often, just a handfull of times each year. They strut, twisted and loud as Gledhill unleashes his cockeyed hobo clown on the confused, perhaps unsuspecting—but always rapt—audience.

TONIGHT: Cyclotron @ East End w/ Apache, Daddy Long Legs