"Black Hills Gold" is an interesting selection for a single from Dolorean's flawless The Unfazed LP. Not because the song's title reminds me of this tune, but because it's a hazy, cinematic song that takes its sweet time to get settled in. Then again, this clip for "Black Hills Gold" is hardly your traditional music video. Instead, it's more of a short film that was directed by Dicky Dahl and takes inspiration from the tragic passing of the Beach Boy's Dennis Wilson.

As Dolorean's Al James explains:

My fascination with and appreciation for Dennis Wilson, the late drummer for the Beach Boys, has continued unabated for the last decade. Dennis is an everlasting Greek God - the blonde haired, blue-eyed Adonis of the 60s and the only Beach Boy that mattered as far as every girl in Southern California was concerned. Everything came easy to Denny - surfing, motorcycles, partying, acting, he even learned to play drums on the fly when the Wilson family formed their band as teenagers. For all his natural talent, Dennis had his troubles. With his 1977 solo album "Pacific Ocean Blue," Dennis wrestled these troubles and shaped them into something beautiful and personal. In 1983, however, he gave into the darkness and drowned at Marina Del Rey, the dock where his beloved sailboat "The Harmony" was once moored. He spent that day drinking and swimming, discovering bits of his life that had been thrown overboard years before during an explosive argument with an ex-wife. Dennis dove into the ocean over and over retrieving memories of his love and his life that were buried at sea. Ultimately, he dove too deep and was washed out into the abyss.

Poor Dennis. Everyone knows it should have been you, Mike Love.

h/t: IFC