(Tube, 18 NW 3rd) Canadians Shearing Pinx are legends in their own right, having released over 50 records since 2005. One of the most unconventional bands of our era, the Pinx have no shame in stripping rock music naked and leaving it exposed and embarrassed. While their earlier efforts were so absonant they were barely listenable, in recent years they have focused their misadventures into no-wave and decimated blues. The guitars are still beaten out of tune, but the band has developed a tactical rein on the madness. The result is a rat's nest of blister-popping noise-punk, the kind of no-bullshit remedy you've earned after a long Monday. CHRIS CANTINO

(Beauty Bar, 111 SW Ash) Charts give it away for free, and you'd be a fool not to take them up on it. Their Birds and Bees EP, a six-song hit parade of junky pop 'n' roll, is available on their Bandcamp page for the totally achievable cost of nothing. As soon as you download it—which you are doing right now, yes?—you'll discover that its songs are brash and exuberant basement jams, with twinges of Kinksy British Invasion and choruses that you'll memorize upon first listen. Tonight's show with Pocketknife—who just released their own fun EP, Tough as Snails—is also free, which means that you can take in the entire Charts experience without spending a measly cent. NED LANNAMANN