On her latest seven-inch, "Water People" b/w "Moving Machine," Liz Harris continues to embrace the comforting aesthetics and sensual tactility she has become known for delivering while offering one crucial new component: clarity. With each new release, the artist known as Grouper has gained transparency, and this is the most direct she has ever sounded. The tracks are still blanketed in reverb, but there is a fullness there which can be largely attributed to a crisply recorded, yet smoky vocal exploration of spectral fantasy and the tenuous recollection of sleep. One might be wary that this increased coherence would interrupt the ruminative experience triggered by her earlier work, but it only enhances that benefit. As the lights dim and an elemental guitar wades through open D tuning, the lyrics begin "The stars are captured as they fall to the sea/ The light the water is receiving," and Grouper is more real than ever.

The disc was recorded at non-profit arts program Ballroom Marfa during Harris' residency there last summer. It sold out immediately, so you'll have to secure a digital copy (though smart shoppers will want to check first with local distributor Mississippi Records).


Grouper - "Water People"

Grouper - "Moving Machine"