It's been a long 15 years since the release of Supreme Dicks' final cut, The Emotional Plague, but the band never actually called it quits. In the late '90s, half of the group moved to L.A., and the others remained in Massachusetts, each retaining the (ahem) cocky moniker and playing an occasional live show. The Dicks were never well-known, even in their heyday, but back in the late 80's they garnered a cult following, and even played a show as "Dinosaur Jr." at the request of J. Mascis. Over the years, several unique personalities took note of the band and even performed alongside them, including Beck, Jeff Mangum, Courtney Love, Lou Barlow, and Mascis himself. The band gained further attention by repute of their chaotic live shows, vows of celibacy, and preoccupation with religion.

The tunes, avant (at times krauty) takes on psychedelic folk music, are often much more intentional than their distended recordings indicate at first listen. Over the course of four records, the band elaborated upon an intrinsic strangeness that easily exceeded their contemporaries Sebadoh, Thinking Fellers Union Local 182, and Dadamah; these tunes were nothing like anything coming out in the states at the time.

Happily, Jagjaguwar are reissuing their entire catalog, and dickipedia indicates the potential for a reunion tour. Fuck yeah! I'm pretty sure we can all get excited about Supreme Dicks.