You don't need to be a weatherman with a Doplar 85000 to know that it's hot as balls—that's a technical term us meteorologists use—here in Portland. Well, it's about to heat up even more now that Glass Candy has broken their silence with a pair of smoldering new tracks, "Warm in the Winter" and "Beautiful Object." You can listen to both songs after the jump—and buy them digitally right here. Supposedly these songs are the first of many new tracks coming from Ida No and Johnny Jewel, so get ready.

The band will be at Branx this Saturday evening for MusicFestNW, but if you are stuck at any of the other excellent shows going on at that exact same time—Centro-Matic, The Horrors, Givers, The Hood Internet, The Gaslamp Killer, The Olivia Tremor Control, etc.—you can catch the next best thing earlier this week, a free Chromatics set on Thursday at Rotture. It's not quite Glass Candy, but it's free and you'll probably hear a Kate Bush cover, so there's that.


Glass Candy - "Warm in the Winter"

Glass Candy - "Beautiful Object"