Hot on the heels of their self-titled LP for K Records, Nucular Aminals are already offering up another vile concoction of psychedelic grunge-pop. On "Nobody's Man," strings harmonize in 5/4 over a straightforward backbeat, creating a lopsided effect as frontman Robert Cometz sings, "Somebody's man is no one again," with a curious detachment. A quaking farfisa that wouldn't be out of place in an anime mecha flick wreaks through instrumental choruses in 13/4 (the Aminals are proving themselves proficient with challenging time signatures), and before you know it, the track ends with a radioactive flourish at just over the two minute mark.

End Hits, being fascinated by Cometz's personal history and lyrical content, checked in with him to get some insight into what the song is actually about:

"It is about homeless people I had met in Phoenix and how they became my friends but are disliked by most. The first verse is about a man who needed medical attention. He walked by my work every day, but one day he walked by and his leg was big time swollen. I literally saw some medics (on their break or something) in the parking lot just watching him. I went up to them and asked if they were going to help him and they wound up picking him up and fixing him up. The guy in verse two used to come by a different job I had all the time (graveyard shift at Circle K). On his way over he would turn any garbage (bottle, cans, etc.) away from pointing at the Circle K. To him, this would keep harm from me. I would hang out with him for a few hours during my shift and give him free food and stuff. I am quite sure the first verse fellow is not with us anymore, but the second verse fellow might now be in Oakland. He likes People's Park a lot.

There was also something else to mention (although I am not sure how to describe it) about the first verse fellow. He walked by all the time and he was just fine, but one day he had these injuries. I think he was badly beaten up. First, his face was not bruised, just totally contorted. His face seemed longer and his eyes were bug-eyed, stuck open looking and huge. It was really scary looking, almost like his face was going to explode. Like there was a ton of pressure building up in his head. I can't describe this. Just a weird visual that I remember (this was in 1998). Then he came by the day after and his leg was so swollen that he couldn't have his shoe on. When he was picked up amd they took care of him he was seen the next day not pushing himself in the wheelchair they gave him. Instead he was walking on the bad leg and pushing his belongings on the wheelchair. I tried to get him help but he wasn't taking it I guess. He just disappeared soon after that. He had come by for years so I figure he had probably died. He was young and it was really sad to see him fall apart so rapidly." -Cometz

The track was recorded at Dub Narcotic and mixed at Cometz's own Frawg Pound Studios. Listen to "Nobody's Man" below, and head over to the K store to secure your fix by purchasing the new 7-inch b/w two other new tracks—"Kill Your Dogs" and "Garrison."

For those interested in a more direct way of supporting the band, and scoring some unique gear at the same time, check it out: the band is selling some of their equipment, including a Fender Rhodes, "a million" VHS films, and a homemade plate reverb.


Nucular Aminals - "Nobody's Man"