Somewhere in between all those shows in support of Smoke Ring for My Halo, Philly's constant hitmaker Kurt Vile somehow managed to prep his new EP, So Outta Reach. Set for release on November 8 via Matador, that day will also see the release of a deluxe-ified Smoke Ring for My Halo.

All six tracks were recorded during the Smoke Ring sessions, so it's no surprise to hear Vile in familiar territory on album opener "The Creature." It's a welcome move, putting his former record in greater context and accentuating Vile's dark, introspective perusals. When Vile sleepily rambles, "Ain't got time for every question/So I just nod and move on in," it's at once familiar and interesting all over again.

In other news, he'll be on tour for the next three months, though he won't be playing Portland. Suck.

So Outta Reach tracklist:
"The Creature"
"It's Alright"
"Life's A Beach"
"Laughing Stock"
"Downbound Train" (yes, a Springsteen cover)
"(So Outta Reach)"


Kurt Vile - "The Creature"