Ever since he watched Drive, our resident film critic Erik Henriksen sits at his desk and loudly exclaims "ZOOM! ZOOM! ZOOM!" while shopping online for a new race car bed. I guess he liked it.

And while the movie does look great, so does its soundtrack, which features a slew of Italo disco-inspired numbers from College (with Electric Youth), Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx, and a pair of songs from the various projects (The Chromatics, Desire) of Montreal/Portlandler Johnny Jewel.

So it's no coincidence that Jewel has been slated to score the remake of Logan's Run, a forthcoming project from Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn and its ultrafuckable leading man, Ryan Gosling.

I actually will say that I probably will almost never write for a movie. It has to be something really, really good. Nick talked to me a little bit about Logan’s Run. He mentioned it and was just trying to feel out if I was interested, and I was telling him about how on my 30th birthday, I had a party and I had a blinking stone in my hand, because I was super into that movie and obsessed with the idea of turning 30 or whatever. So that’s something I’ve been doing. So in 2013, they’re doing a script for it. They’re working on a screenplay next year, after they do Only God Forgives.[But] I’m not out there trying to apply for jobs or work for movies. It’s hard, and I mean, if you have taste, it’s really hard. That’s something you take seriously.

I haven't actually seen the original Logan's Run, but I'm pretty sure it's a prequel to Cool Runnings, so there will be lots of steel drums, right? Right??