It's fall out there now. I'm not sure I would've wanted to post this song if the changing season hadn't just arrived, changing the way I hear a tune like this one. "Rock of Calvary" is the lead single from Cataldo's new LP Prison Boxing. Its four melodious minutes are filled with jangly banjo, ascending horn lines, and sweet-sounding harmonies. Singer Eric Williams' lyrics are clever, but vague. The song's title references the stone mount of the crucifix and it's probably some brutal metaphor for a failed relationship. But regardless of meaning, Williams' melancholy vocals over this foot-tapping texture achieves something reminiscent to those best moments from fellow Seattle band The Long Winters. It's that golden Pacific-Northwest heavy-hearted pop that's perfect accompaniment for the shortening days, graying skies, and steady rains. It also helps that Williams here sounds a lot like Ben Gibbard.

You can stream the entirety of Prison Boxing on Cataldo's Bandcamp page ahead of its September 20th release. The band is also playing a free show at Mississippi Studios this Saturday with Wild Ones and Forest Park.