Witch Gardens. I thought you were doomed to fail. Just four months ago, the totally unheard of Seattle band somehow landed an out-of-nowhere and totally positive Pitchfork review for their self-released cassette Alice, Agatha, Branch & Christ. Call me cynical, but I didn't know you could survive that kind of thing.

From the sound of their new 7-inch for High Fives and Handshakes, it would seem that the band was actually well-equipped to withstand any kind of pressure to deliver on their follow-up. No, Witch Gardens haven't "grown up," and you won't be hearing them on a Volkswagen commercial anytime soon. In fact, things don't appear to have changed much at all. The cute, Joe Meek-esque harmonies and International Pop Underground songwriting remain intact. Jangly guitars? Yep. Stop and go drums? Uh huh. In short, Witch Gardens have delivered another round of the good humored, minimalist indie-pop that charmed listeners in the first place. From the low fidelity of their recordings to the home-brewed video for A-side "Rain Delay," Witch Gardens are pressing on modestly, and at a steady pace.

Check out the video below to see the band cleaning up a spilled can of Diet Coke and smashing their television set, then head over to their hilarious (and emoticon filled) Twitter feed for a good laugh.