Id rather get food poisoning.
  • I'd rather get food poisoning.

There are two abnormally good entertainers stepping out to do dinner this Friday evening:

First is King Louie, performing with the King Louie Trio at Halibuts (2525 NE Alberta St). Best damn fish & chips in town. Spendy but worth it. Reminds of the days Louie used to dress up as a hot dog and stomp out broken blues at the Dog House on Burnside. He's scheduled to go on at 8:00PM.

Second, though every bit as worthwhile, is Jacob Arnold, a part of the Cabinessence braintrust. Understated as a frontman and self-promoter, Arnold has the voice of a goddamn fucking winged angel. Sweet, lilting folk. Truly a unique talent. He's set to go on at 8:00PM over at Ford Food & Drink (2505 SE Division).