The first issue from burgeoning label Public Information is a clear contender for analog synthesizer record of the year. Brooklynite and multimedia artist Aaron David Ross (ADR) is best known for his work as half of NYC's "CG hell-scape" duo Gatekeeper, but the arrival of his new solo record Solitary Pursuits presents a notable departure from the Portable Grindhouse aesthetic he has been so closely identified with as of late. The record retains the unworldly sci-fi elements inherent in all of Reed's work, but noticeably absent are the overpitched synth textures and VHS style visual art. Rather, Solitary Pursuits recalls the multidimensional Korg-scape of Piero Umiliani, Parry Library Music, or a tape saturated Jean Michel Jarre. What separates him from his peers, however, is not merely a fortunate confluence of influences. What's really impressive here is ADR's deliberate diversity of field, and playful expositions upon a variety of emotional realms throughout the record.

Solitary Pursuits is out today on Public Information.