Last year's Loneliness Is a Dirty Mattress is one of the best records to come out of Australia in quite some time, and after Kitchen's Floor's performance at East End a couple weeks ago, we were more sold than ever on the band. That's why, when we caught wind of a new LP for iconic Philly label Siltbreeze, we were like, "Oh. Shit. Well, let's have a listen to it then."

Naturally, we're glad we did. Look Forward to Nothing is chock full of the good ol' downer-pop Kitchen's Floor have made their name on, but with an added oomph courtesy of new drummer Joe Alexander from Brisbane power trio Per Purpose. Well played, guys. Alexander is really slamming his sticks on the backbeat, which is great considering the rest of the band is infernally sloppy and benefits from the reinforcement. Still, the real story here is songwriter Matt Kennedy's bleak lyricism and apathetic approach to grungy kiwi-pop. Exploring themes of failure and detachment throughout, Kennedy continues to present with the same fuck-this attitude that made the band so cool in the first place. The end result is a keyed up take on no-wave folk (à la Pink Reason) as channeled through the currently thriving Sacto punk scene.

Have a listen to "Regrets" below, and head on down to Siltbreeze for more info.


Kitchen's Floor - "Regrets"