(Wonder Ballroom, 128 NE Russell) The electropop charmers of Ladytron have been releasing stylish, sexy dance records for over a decade—this week, they drop into Portland to promote their fifth studio album, the alluringly titled Gravity the Seducer. ALISON HALLETT

(Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison) San Franners Weekend are starting to seek treatment for their troubled sound, but it hasn't been
easy. Their needle-flicking no-wave punk is laced with Shin-ei fuzz bursts and dipped in dubby, junked-out atmospherics that get your brain firing on all cylinders. Not the kind of habit you kick overnight. Last year's addictive debut, Sports, sounded like Sonic Youth's Bad Moon Rising overdosing on itself: terminally void, with debilitating endorphin surges. Now, the trio's post-punk pastiche certainly took the senses on a heavy trip, but too much of that stuff would have eventually been the death of them. Fortunately, the band has undergone a rehabilitation of sorts on their new EP, Red, for Slumberland Records. They're still prone to noisy relapses here and there, but their songs are now injected with a higher dosage of songwriting and production value. And now that these guys are off the hard stuff, maybe they'll clean up after all. CHRIS CANTINO

(E.A.T. at Milepost 5, 850 NE 81st) Remember Aleatoric? It's been awhile since we've heard anything from the collective of ambient music aficionados responsible for bringing more prominence to the drone, static, and sustained tones of Portland's soundscape, but now they're back with a fresh installment of their quarterly showcase. Tonight's lineup features Ghostly International's the Sight Below (Rafael Anton Irisarri), Simon Scott (ex-drummer for UK shoegaze band Slowdive), and our very own Marcus Fischer—an accomplished trifecta of contemplative ambient musicians perfectly suited for the turn of the season. As we're all rushing around desperately trying to squeeze the last little bits out of this clearly waning summer, here is an opportunity to sit down, listen to some subtle, spacious music, and figure out how we're going to make the most of the long, dark months ahead of us. AVA HEGEDUS