(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) Prodigious New Jersey-based synth waver Com Truise (presumably an android of Scientology) is futurebeat progstep for the computer age. Equal parts Giorgio Moroder and Boards of Canada, sci-fi and psychedelia, it's analog as fuck, and replete with enough side-chained Linn drums and stuttering NES squelches to properly inflate your cerebellum. That's about when you can expect Com Truise's muscled psych motifs to drop from the ceiling and cleave your skull right in half, exploding gray matter all over the Doug Fir's wooden interior. Now, I realize you might have bought tickets for this show with the intent of "jammin' out" to indie darling Neon Indian. Just make sure you show up early enough to see Com Truise steal the show. CHRIS CANTINO