Once again the fine folks at PBR are offering a stellar night of totally free music. Tomorrow night at Mississippi Studios, they're taking on the 1980s. The whole damn decade, from start to finish. There'll be 11 bands, each tackling one of the 10 years between 1980 and 1989 (my math is not so good), and they'll each play a short set of three covers from their selected year. PBR has been doing these cover nights for quite some time and they are always super fun, but these ones that span the whole decade are the best. If you saw their 1970s night a few months ago, it is if nothing else a firm reminder that there is just an incredible variety of music coming from each decade.

Tomorrow night will feature everything from synthpop gloss to hardcore punk, wiry funk sitting alongside metal, and tons of MTV hits. There's a veritable parade of all-stars and one-off bands, including Sean Croghan and a crew of old-school Portland mainstays performing as the Eastsiders: They've got the year 1989, which could mean some Pixies, some Fugazi, and even early Nirvana. Plus Nathan Junior (M. Ward, Fruit Bats) and Ryan Stowe (Swords Project) are performing as Future Proof, who killed totally it on '70s night with a righteous Skynyrd cover. Little Sue and Lara Mitchell are performing as Henpeck, plus Ezra Holbrooks' the My Oh Mys, and Jim Brunberg's band, and a hot ton more. Also—it is totally, 100% FREE.

Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, tomorrow night, 9 pm, FREE