I present to you, two painstakingly uncomplicated videos for a now defunct R.E.M's aptly-named final single, "We All Go Back to Where We Belong." Both were directed by Michael Stipe and Dominic DeJoseph. One makes more sense to me than the other.

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LAUGHING AT, KIRSTEN DUNST? This is not funny. This is R.E.M.'s absolute last single... FOR FOREVER. You should be grimacing, anguishing, or at least showing some vague signs of grief and confusion as Michael Stipe asks, "Is this really what you want?" No, it's not, and you know that, unless you're one of those sick humanoids who hails Bono for his charisma and could never quite understand Stipe's solemn, vacant stare. This is not Fifteen and Pregnant, made-for-TV-movie stuff, Dunst. This is life and LIFE IS NOT A JOKE.

Phew. More appropriate is this version, starring poet/actor John Giorno (who, contrary to my preliminary typo, is in no way entitled to any fraction of the DiGiornos' frozen pizza empire). This sad, old bag of skin is the human personification of my sagging heart as I listen to the band's last lament. Look at his chest slightly heaving! Watch his eye twinge at a particularly evocative note in Stipe's vocal range! Look at him sit there, completely still, in quiet reverence! Genius. Just genius.

(via Slate)