You love Youtube, but having to wade through a river of shit and advertisements to get to the best vids doesn't always appeal to you. Do you ever wish that someone would just cut the fat? Well, it looks like you're not the only one. In this age of internet overload, curatorial video sites are poised to become a pretty huge thing, and there's a whole drove of them coming together at the moment. There are especially a lot focusing on music and art, but none are as consistent, well-defined, or straight up weird as Network Awesome. The network isn't constrained by any traditional rules, and its focus on broadcasting recycled TV culture and experimental films/animations in a linear format is fascinating, to say the least.

Yesterday's episode was particularly "awesome," kicking off with curator Mark Brown's 120 Megabytes, a spin on the MTV classic 120 Minutes. The segment features "visionary interactions between sound and vision" that pay tribute to the resurgent retro aesthetics of memes such as Portable Grindhouse and Computers Club. After Brown's selections came an appropriately spooky treat with the experimental (and NSFW) George Kuchar film Pagan Rhapsody, a collection of videos spotlighting magnetic tape manipulation, and a documentary on the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop. Pretty awesome, I'd say.

After the jump, you can view a smattering of my favorite videos from yesterday's broadcast.

Boxcutter - "Passerby"

The Alchemists of Sound (BBC documentary)

George Kuchar - Pagan Rhapsody (NSFW)