We've been hearing a lot about MIDI poster child Daniel Lopatin and the retro-futurist pop he creates as half of Games/Ford & Lopatin, but what we've really been salivating for is another offering from his solo outlet Oneohtrix Point Never. Lopatin was poised to create a masterpiece after releasing several increasingly fantastic albums of block-stacking ambience over the past few years, but opted for a change in direction after his last album, Returnal. Focusing on his new project Games with Tigercity's Joel Ford (later assuming the moniker Ford & Lopatin) meant that OPN would take the backseat for a while, but we knew that Lopatin would eventually come back with that OPN masterpiece we were waiting for.

And he has. Replica is far and away the most conceptual and well-executed album we have heard to date from Mr. Lopatin, expertly combining elements of Giallo film music, sci-fi drone improvisation, and a restrained cut-and-paste aesthetic. Listeners often remark that the interaction between man and machine is immediately apparent in Lopatin's music; but while the screwed-and-chopped pop of Games/Ford & Lopatin depicts a world in which electronic devices have gained an inordinate control over our lifestyles, Replica is more concerned with submitting to the androidal completely and planting the listener firmly inside the mainframe.

Replica arrives on November 8 via Lopatin's own Mexican Summer imprint Software. Check out the homemade video for "Replica" below, featuring scenes from the Russian cartoon Nu, pogodi! which follows the Tom and Jerry-ish misadventures of a hipster wolf as he pursues a rabbit.