For those of you who didn't get to watch Laura Veirs tell pregnant jokes, balance a guitar on her bulbous belly, and eat a pickle-peanut butter-chalk sandwich on stage (okay, that didn't happen) at Mississippi Studios a few years ago, I suppose you should know that Veirs and husband/producer Tucker Martine had a baby recently. They named it—him, I mean him—Tennessee and it's likely that the kid will have NO predisposed inclinations towards music, nor any interest in it whatsoever. I'm predicting a gravitational pull towards Black Box theater, or curling.

Anyways, post-baby having, Laura Veirs made a kids record! Ned talked about it a while ago! It's called Tumble Bee! It is not all that different from her non-kids records—maybe slightly more precious, with a few lines of incomprehensible jibberish that makes those baby things gurgle and smile and spit up all over themselves (see: "King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O"). But honestly, I can't stop listening to it and I think the repeated plays are causing a subconscious descent into infancy (not to be confused with this kind of infantile descent). Tumble Bee goes on every night before bed at 8pm—after warm milk, a sink bath, and sufficient amounts of writhing around in footy pajamas—and ceases shortly before I wind up the little pterodactyl pendulum that swings over this very large crib I recently purchased and lulls me to sleep. And now you can do the same! The entire album is up on NPR's First Listen until it's released on November 8th.

Also, here is a video montage of the album's making, complete with adorable bouncing baby—omigodomigodomigod BABY CUTE—and scored by the opening track, "Little Lap Dog Lullaby."

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to head to the ENT to get this goddamn ticking out of my ears. I thought it was Pulsatile Tinnitis, but the doctor mentioned something about a biological clock?