The Banana Stand is more than just a house venue here in town. (And no, we can't tell you where it is.) It's an impressive, fully loaded recording facility that captures bands in that most spontaneous of settings: the live performance. Banana Stand Media has been kicking out really solid live recordings of local bands for some time now, and this Tuesday they're set to release the latest in their series of pay-what-you-want downloads. The band this time is around local trio Towering Trees, and this new Live from the Banana Stand Recording showcases a group that you perhaps haven't heard yet: a tuneful, at times slinky, and other times fiery new band that flourishes in front of an audience.

Banana Stand is sharing a preview of this live album with us; listen to the track "Coolidge" below. The Towering Trees live session is the last of a prolific year for Banana Stand, which also saw them offering tracks from tons of other great up-and-coming bands, including some that even experts like me haven't heard of. If you haven't checked out the site, get on over there. And be sure to check out Towering Trees' live set when it's available for download this coming Tuesday, December 6.


Towering Trees - "Coolidge" (DOWNLOAD MP3 HERE)