What a great way to end the week, with our good friends at Radiation City debuting their latest single, "Babies," and it's brand new remix, courtesy of Portland artist PoPoPePe. This comes at a bit of an intersection for Rad City, having just wrapped up a two week recording session for their upcoming sophomore release, and days before the band embarks on a two week tour of the West Coast.

Personally, between the two versions, I still dig the Rad City one, but feel free to tell me why I'm wrong when you listen to "Babies" in it's original and doppelganger form. The band plays Portland again December 10 at Doug Fir, and they also have a New Year's Eve gig with Nurses at Mississippi Studios. Their debut album, The Hands That Take You, is available at Tender Loving Empire.


Radiation City - "Babies"

Radiation City - "Babies (PoPoPePe Remix)