All kinds of stuff been piling up. Probably a lot of it since lost. For a time, all I could think about was Cass McCombs, who I recently saw and wrote about in what might just be a bitch of a story. It'll be in print Thursday. And let me add: don't miss Thursday's show at Doug Fir. Really, you must hear "Bradley Manning" in all its live glory. Amen and hallelujah.

Let the cleansing begin:

- A$AP Rocky and his crew used Nurses' "You Lookin' Twice" as a loop for a live free-style. Which makes me wonder all the more: why the hell isn't Dracula a smash hit? Who's missing out and fucking up here? Something is screwy with the embed so WATCH IT HERE. It's tight.

- Can Noel and Liam Gallagher just become subjects of a clinical study of the ego? I don't care at all about their music but these fuckers are and have always been stunning to watch as they unravel into limey, slobbering, jagged, and sometimes radical cunts under questioning. To wit:

New York Times Magazine : Aerosmith’s Joe Perry once suggested that cocaine isn’t particularly expensive. What’s expensive are the decisions you make under its influence. Agree?

Oh, yes, yes indeed. I got a £110,000 supercar that was built for myself, and I didn’t even have a driving license. They said it would take about a year and a half to build, and I was thinking, Great, I’ll have easily learned to drive in a year and a half. Like a small dog, I completely forgot about it and started partying with supermodels, and about a year and a half later somebody delivered it to my house, and I had no idea what they were talking about.

Get the whole interview here.

- Elvis Costello is right to tell fans not to buy his new box set that the label priced at over $200.

“Unfortunately, we at find ourselves unable to recommend this lovely item to you as the price appears to be either a misprint or a satire.”


“If you should really want to buy something special for your loved one at this time of seasonal giving, we can whole-heartedly recommend Ambassadors of Jazz [by] Louis Armstrong," the singer went on, pointing out that the Armstrong box set offers 10 albums for the same price as the Spinning Songbook.

He added: “Frankly, the music is vastly superior.”