Looks like the secret's out on the mysterious Shy Girls. With their only web presence being in the form of a Soundcloud page, it's a wonder anyone managed to discover this band at all. But this is how our interest in some of our favorite local bands starts out—with an air of mystery, and a sense of being in on the ground floor.

After hearing this track I had to know more.

Having recently wrapped up an EP of loungey bedroom pop under the alias Federer, lead-Girl Dan Vidmar set to work on something more hi-fi and soulful. His new project is just that, specializing in a pastiche of smooth '90s R&B and getting down with everyone from Shai to Max Martin's late-century boy-band production. Vidmar's warbly voice and throwbacks to New Jack Swing bring to mind the success of contemporary blue-eyed soul boys Autre Ne Veut and How to Dress Well, but what separates Vidmar from his peers is his avoidance of hypnagogic trappings in favor of a more straight-up approach. And now that Vidmar has put together a band with local all-stars Ingmar Carlson and Dan Sutherland, you can bet we'll be hearing a lot more from this band once they start packing shows in the new year.


Shy Girls - "Gonna Get My Name Back"