For our newest edition of RIYL (that's an acronym for "recommended if you like"), we're turning over control of End Hits to the sons and daughters of Grandparents, one of Portland's most promising up and coming acts. Their outstanding new record Sugar Beach is a banquet of experimental rock motifs, with representation from five musical food groups: shoegaze, krautrock, garage, tropicalia, and all things psychedelic. Because each member brings such a variety of ingredients to the table, End Hits asked them to share some favorites from their eclectic recipe books.

Check out Grandparents' new single "HeadCleaner" below. Then, after the jump, you can read about and listen to some of your Grandparents' favorite music, including Comus, Caetano Veloso, and Belong.

Comus. Recently came across this ridiculously awesome dark/psych folk band who released their first record titled First Utterance in 1971. From what I have heard they were hippies camped out in the woods worshipping the greek god Comus, hence the name. Sounds borderline satanic; give these guys electric instruments and a little less acid and they would be the heaviest black metal band around. The whole album is pure genius and honestly a little scary, definitely worth checking out. -Dylan

Brazilians do it better. Caetano Veloso incorporates many different styles with the classic bossa nova to create his own infectious brand of folk. He's put out many great records, starting in the early late sixties, but the shining star for me is the self titled album from 1969, sometimes referred to as Album Branco (White Album). This was on constant repeat for all of us this summer, and provides a little bit of sunshine throughout the rainy season. Also check out Transa (1971). -Marc

Belong is a two piece band from New Orleans, LA whose music is a drony melting pot full of melodic and blurry textures that, when listened to carefully, sculpts distorted and ambient sounds, both beautiful and fluid. The first time I heard Belong was in 2008, shortly after they released the Tour EP when my friend was trying to explain what shoegaze is. He rolled me a joint, put on October Language and told me to lay down close my eyes and listen to the whole thing. Although its sparse, you can read about the band and listen to some tracks on their blog. -Allison

Chad VanGaalen. This Calgary based artist-musician is most comfortable at home, and he is known to spend most of his time in his home studio recording music and making art. Amidst the cluttered jungle of analog synths and home made instruments VanGaalen crafts soundscapes that include elements of pop, rock, folk, and ambient. With a stroke of confidence, VanGaalen paints colorful visions of cold winter nights and hazy summer days. -Ben

After graduating College with a degree in music composition, Shawn Rosenblatt (aka Netherfriends) left his home in Chicago to tour the country. He intended to play a show, write a song and then record that song in each of the 50 states. He finished his task a year later but never came home. Word is that he has been on tour for almost three years and continues to tour until this day. Nowadays he tours without any backing musicians. He plays his whole canon of recordings himself by way of three loop pedals. Sampling himself as he goes along, he uses an array of synths, guitars, pedals and drum-pads to literally construct his songs before your eyes. Watching him play live is a bit like going to one of those fancy Japanese restaurants, the ones where the chef cooks the food right in front of your eyes while they show off their extravagant (and slightly dangerous) knife tricks. Just thinking about it kinda makes me hungry for more. Check out his semi-recent EP Angry East Coast on Bandcamp where you can snag it for just 3 bones! -Will