Two really different shows tonight. One for the dance party, the other for swirling piles of leaves. First, the Dancer:

- I first heard the name Sissy Nobby in an interview with Big Freedia. The two came up in New Orleans' bounce scene together. Without exception, even far from her Big Easy stomping grounds, Freedia's numerous Portland shows have been full of absolutely crushing beats that inevitably lead to exceptional, ass-whomping catharsis as seat descends. I can't imagine Sissy Nobby's appearance at Holocene will be any different—especially since the evening includes DJ Beyonda, who's partnered and opened all of Freedia's previous Portland engagements.

TONIGHT AT HOLOCENE: Sissy Nobby w/ DJ Beyonda & Brice Nice - 9 pm - $10

- Second, for a more mellow evening of lilting beauty is Jacob Arnold and Mikah Sykes, who I wrote about briefly in this week's print edition:

(Jade Lounge, 2342 SE Ankeny) Mikah Sykes and Jacob Arnold came of age musically in West Eugene, which in the '90s was an especially fervent hotbed of old hippies, peace-loving anarchists, and fringe drifters. Theirs, like so much of Oregon's homegrown art, pays homage to its land and the peaceful ways of its people. Arnold has spent the last near-decade with Cabinessence, a twangy outfit devoted to pristine composition, harmony, and exquisite instrumentation. Sykes, meanwhile, has been bouncing around avant-folk circles. After some time in respite, Sykes returns with a new album, Love Consequences and Serenity, recorded across the Northwest, from K Records' Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia to sessions in Portland with the Decemberists' John Moen and others. A step away from his more challenging, free-jazz muses, Sykes' latest is sunny and open armed. It's one I've been waiting for from him for some time.

LISTEN: Mikah Sykes - "Snow Softens Sound" (featuring Jacob Wilson of Kickball)

LISTEN: Cabinessence - "Pray"