Zomby's deceptively-titled new record Nothing might not be what you've come to expect from the UK post-rave producer. It's some savvy shit, turning arpeggiated pipelines through grime, jungle, and wonky UK garage, with the whole thing coming off remarkably fresh-sounding and almost smart-assed when paired with his last offering, Dedication, which came out just a few months ago in July. While that record contained some of Zomby's most minimal and stately work to date, Nothing is more of a dance-friendly affair: restless and loose, with a restrained abandon.

Indulge yourself in the early '90s breakbeat hardcore of Nothing lead-off "Labyrinth" below, then head over to Self-Titled for a thought-provoking interview with the still-anonymous producer.

Nothing is out now on 4AD.


Zomby - "Labyrinth"