The Lower 48 came to Portland from Minneapolis in 2009, bringing with them the lovely Everywhere to Go EP. Now the group has a full-length album for your ears, and they're celebrating its release with a show at the Doug Fir on December 29. For my money, that show will be the best thing going in town during the week between Christmas and New Year's. (My money is worthless in all lower 48 states, though, and constitutionally illegal in at least 36.)

Their new record, Where All Maps End, turns out to be a complete delight from start to finish, an easygoing folk-pop record that's full of hidden, surprising depth and ear-massaging melody. You can check out opening track "The End" below, but AOL/Spinner goes one better, streaming the whole album in full over at their site this week. You definitely want to go there and hear it all.


The Lower 48 - "The End"