As a kid, my Christmas wish lists were pretty standard; a football, maybe some comic books, a video game if I was feeling particularly good that year. Now, I've heard of kids getting puppies and I'm sure one little girl out there still asks for a pony every year, but Portland songwriter Anya Marina outdoes them all by requesting a hippo. Which is crazy if you ask me. I mean, do you know how hungry those things get??

Actually, Marina's "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" is a version of an old novelty song, written back in the '50s and originally sung by a 10-year-old girl. Fun fact: That girl was actually given a hippo on Christmas by a local fundraising campaign, and donated the animal to the zoo! I'm betting Marina doesn't actually want a hippo, but her adorable take on the song is pretty convincing. Check it out below and look out for Marina's upcoming album, Felony Flats, coming out next year.


Anya Marina - "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas"