Sad news: Former Sellwood funeral home-turned-music venue The Woods is likely not long for this world. The owners of the Woods are lingering negotiations with their landlord over the lease, and the outlook isn't good. Unfortunately, the property owners are looking to hike up the space's rent, which essentially prices out the venue, necessitating in it closing its doors. (And if that is the case, the property owners have plans for the lot—and comfy, cozy music venue isn't part of those plans.) Lease negotiations remain open until later this week, but the outlook isn't good. Barring a last-minute miracle, the days of the Woods are numbered.

More information and confirmation in the next couple days—including the possibility of a closing celebration, if things do indeed go the way they seem to be headed.

A personal note here: The Woods is my favorite venue in town, for a variety of reasons: The booking, which ranges from music to readings to comedy to dance nights, is exceptional. Every show I've seen there feels like something extraordinary, perhaps due to the space's intimacy, which is the antithesis of your typical rock club. The building itself is slathered in ambiance, both from its former incarnation as a funeral home—it can be downright spooky in there—but also from the incredible design and decor that the owners brought within the space. I'll be incredibly unhappy to see this place go.