We asked dozens and dozens of folks from the Portland music scene about their favorite song, show, or musical moment of the year, and they came back with plenty of answers. So every day this week, we've been sharing those answers with you, in our look back on a busy year of great music. Today's the last day! (And if you haven't already done so, leave your favorite song, show, or musical moment in the comments!)

These final musical moments come from Jeremy Petersen, Blood Beach, Anna Jensen, Sarah Fennell, Scott McLean, Krist Krueger, Matt Sheehy, Ingrid Renan, Nathan Carson, Chris Cantino, Tope, Dylan Magierek, DJ Anjali, Ned Lannamann, Stephanie Ryan, Nilina Mason-Campbell, Dave Depper, Jeff Urquhart, Terry Groves, and Ezra Ace Caraeff. Click through the jump to read 'em all!

Top musical moment(s) of 2011:
Wilco closing out Sasquatch
Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires at opbmusic
The Decemberists at opbmusic

Favorite songs:
AgesandAges: “No Nostalgia”
tUnE-yArdS: “Bizness”
YACHT: “Shangri-La”
—Jeremy Petersen (OPB Music)

The 20th Anniversary of the Moment Punk Broke.
—Blood Beach

I went on a beautiful tropical vacation with my family when I was 15, and the only two tapes I brought with me were Portishead's Dummy and Portishead. Teen angst much? I know. I remember the first time I heard them my freshman year of high school, and 15 years later I finally saw them live. I was sick as a dog, but nothing was going to keep me from the mediocre setting of the WaMu Theater. The show was amazing. The production was phenomenal and hearing those songs live for the first time was pretty incredible.

Either that, or daydreaming of driving away with Ryan Gosling with only our love, his scorpion jacket and M83's "Midnight City" to protect us.

Nope, nope, gonna stick with Portishead.
—Anna Jensen (Doug Fir)

Dave Depper performed The Ram Project at the Doug Fir and everyone lost their shit. It was soooooo rad.

The other was Givers at the Doug Fir for MFNW. They had so much energy, it was infectious.
—Sarah Fennell (Lost Lander/What Hearts)

R. Steve Moore at Holocene August 31, 2011. Revelatory!!!!
—Scott McLean (Holocene/Rough Trade)

Ein—Getting a number of artists from the Self Group family together on the same stage at CMJ. Zwei—hearing women still cat-calling Kris Kristofferson (young and mature alike, some that he may have actually been with according to their statements?). And drei—seeing Willie Nelson again at Edgefield.
—Krist Krueger (Self Group/Southerly)

Givers at Doug Fir for MFNW. Face = melted.
—Matt Sheehy (Lost Lander)

I had too many favorite musical moments, so I'll just stick with some songs I really love below....

Aan 7-inch "Somewhere Sunshine"
Radiation City "The Things You Tell Us"
— Ingrid Renan (Exploding Green)

I saw SO many amazing shows this year… and it’s always tempting to take the easy route and say RUSH! Also of great note was my own SXSW Nanotear showcase since it featured so many of my favorite bands on one stage (YOB, Agalloch, Wizard Rifle…). But the other two gigs that stand out in my mind were Judas Priest in Seattle (amazing song choice and energy), and every Lost Lockets performance I had the good fortune to witness—especially the nights when they played an entire a capella song on machetes with choreographed dancers in sexy burka. Ooh la la!
—Nathan Carson (Witch Mountain/Nanotear Booking/DJ Nate C)

My favorite musical moment of 2011 was witnessing firsthand my friend Michael Griffith play in front of the riot cops at Occupy Portland.
—Chris Cantino (Archers/Portland Mercury)

My favorite musical moment of 2011 was watching my friends Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' career absolutely blow and up then having the opportunity to open up for them at MusicfestNW.
—Tope (Living Proof/TxE)

Favorite song: Foster the People - "Pumped Up Kicks" (Nice to see an infectious song with macabre lyrics do so well.)
—Dylan Magierek (Badman/Type Foundry/Scenic Burrows)

Holy fk! Teaching thousands of Sasquatch kids how to Bhangra and Giddha (you know, Panjabi folk dance.) All three days in a row they put up with my speech about Partition (go look it up) and the land of five rivers. They got more geography in the dance tent than four years of high school. Oh, and they cheered for Pakistan.

I guess you kinda had to be there... [LINK]
—DJ Anjali

Impossible to pick just one moment. There are so many: Givers at the Doug Fir for MusicfestNW. Robyn and the Decemberists dominating Sasquatch. Devo going far above and beyond the call of duty at the Crystal in March. Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes absolutely baffling the meathead crowd at the QOTSA show in July. And all of Pickathon. Oh, and learning that one of my favorite musicians, Heather Broderick, had joined the band of one of my other favorite musicians, Sharon Van Etten. I was excited about that for weeks. Still am.
—Ned Lannamann (Portland Mercury)

The weekend road trip through Eastern Washington for Sasquatch was a beauty. Seeing the Modest Mouse and Talkdemonic show at the Knitting Factory in Spokane was a one-of-a kind moment, followed by a plethora of awesome people and music at the festival the next day. Good times for sure.
—Stephanie Ryan (Mississippi Studios/Laura Veirs’ assistant)

My favorite song of 2011: "Aroused" by Tom Vek. The music video casts the song in a sexual light and that's often one's first guess based on the title alone, but it's all about detailing his girl getting turned on in terms of thought, her mind coming alive. It's really awesome and bombastically dancey.

And my favorite show/musical moment of 2011: Dancing on stage with Konkrete and Big Boi at SXSW.
—Nilina Mason-Campbell (photographer/Jill-of-all-trades)

As for my favorite musical moment, it's gonna have to be a tie, though both involved sets in the Galaxy Barn at Pickathon. Richard Swift moved me and half the crowd to tears during his flawless performance there. I felt like I was watching a master of his craft at the top of his game, and seeing his three adorable kids in the front row singing along was almost too much to take.

Sharing the top spot was Lee Fields and the Expressions' set there a couple of nights later. It felt like seeing James Brown in 1966 from five feet away. Pure soul, pure power, pure sweat. Amazing.
—Dave Depper (Fruit Bats/The Ram Project)

Seeing Retox at Tube was pretty great. Oh ya! The night D.R.I. played Branx and two hours before doors, their drummer had to go to the hospital, so we ended up finding like five drummers to fill in last minute. We were expecting a total trainwreck and it ended up working out and being a pretty memorable show.
—Jeff Urquhart (Branx/Rotture)

Richard Swift's triumphant display of talent in the Galaxy Barn at 2011 Pickathon.
—Terry Groves (Pickathon)

My favorite song of 2011: Young Galaxy "We Have Everything"

No song from this calendar year accurately sums up the woeful 1% vs. 99% society of ours like "We Have Everything," the deceptively bouncy single that is the focal point of the Canadian band's Shapeshifting LP. Singer Catherine McCandless passionate cry of "I wept when we parted/And wept when we united/In poverty, my love, we have everything" is the antithesis of the slumped-shoulder acceptance we've all grown too accustomed to. It's the "We may be hidden by rags/But we've something they'll never have" of our generation, the unofficial soundtrack of unrelenting optimism that scores an official movement and best captures the past 12 months.
—Ezra Ace Caraeff (The Old Gold/Portland Mercury)