Up until now, Laura Gibson has always seemed like a bedroom folk performer, intimate and mild, softly serenading away. Now, the singer/songwriter gets a little dirt in her fingers and a little fire under her boots with her new album, La Grande. Named for the town in northeastern Oregon where the record was written and pronounced "without any hint of French inflection," La Grande is set to be released January 24 via Barsuk/Jealous Butcher records, but our "First Listen" friends over at NPR are streaming it exclusively right now.

Filled with a curious energy and bold direction, Gibson produced the album in full as well. Peppered among the tracks are welcomed guest performers like Meric Long and Logan Kroeber of the Dodos and Calexico's Joey Burns, but it's Gibson's own unmistakable vocals and layered effects that produce the most stirring results. Before heading to NPR, have a listen to the title track below to get a taste of Gibson's newly expansive, vintage folk sound.


Laura Gibson - "La Grande"