(Wonder Ballroom, 128 NE Russell) Dallas Green's newest album, Little Hell, exists in a limbo of sorts for his longtime fans. At once immediately recognizable, but also something of a so-long to his staunch acoustic troubadour roots—found most memorably on 2008's breathtaking Bring Me Your Love—the album is at least an eyebrow archer, and at most a total triumph in evolution for the Canadian singer/songwriter. Under his City and Colour moniker, Little Hell tests the anchor of Green's velvety vocals and striking songwriting skills against his maturation as a solo artist willing to take risks into more pop-oriented worlds (as with single "Fragile Bird"). With newfound autonomy in tow—his Ontario post-hardcore group Alexisonfire announced a breakup in August—it's exciting to ponder where his muses might take him next. RYAN J. PRADO